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Pyrotechnics & Airbag

Environmental simulation & service life testing of pyrotechnic articles

Pyrotechnic articles such as airbags and seatbelt pretensioners are an integral part of the safety concept of many vehicles. Many manufacturers have created their own standards to test their function and service life. For most German manufacturers, these standards originated in the Arbeitskreis Zielvereinbarung 01 (AK-ZV01). Many of the environmental simulation tests described therein are also included in the scope of the LV-124.

GWP can support you with tests according to the following standards:

  • Daimler/ Mercedes MBN LV 16: 2012-07 (Electric igniters for pyrotechnics)
  • Daimler/ Mercedes MBN LV 01: 2016-01 (Airbag steering wheel & instrument panel)
  • Daimler/ Mercedes MBN LV 04: 2016-01 (Side airbag doors)
  • Daimler/ Mercedes MBN LV 07: 2016-01 (side airbag seats)
  • Daimler/ Mercedes MBN LV 13: 2016-01 (head airbag)
  • Daimler/ Mercedes MBN LV 34: 2011-04 (pedestrian airbag)
  • Volkswagen VW 82511:2010-11 (airbag steering wheel & instrument panel)
  • Volkswagen VW 82514:2010-11 (Side airbag doors)
  • Volkswagen VW 82517:2010-11 (Side airbag seats)
  • Volkswagen VW 82533:2010-11 (Head airbag)
  • Toyota TSF6773G: 2002-12 (steering wheel airbag)

GWP is licensed according to the German Explosives Act (SprengG) and is therefore your partner as an accredited test laboratory for testing your pyrotechnical products and assemblies. In the following you will find an excerpt from our test portfolio:

Drop test

Test according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-31: 2009-04. The airbag is dropped from a height of 1 m onto a steel plate at room temperature.

Media resistance

Testing of the airbag modules' resistance to chemicals according to DIN EN ISO 22088: 2006-11.

Temperature shock K05

Temperature shock test for pre-aging of the components in accordance with LV 124 and DIN EN IEC 60068-2-14: 2010-04.

Damp heat K09

Cyclic climatic test with moist heat following LV124 and DIN EN IEC 60068-2-38: 2010-06.

Corrosion test

Salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227: 2017-07 NSS for 720 hours on airbag assemblies in real installation situation.

Thermal ageing (high temperature)

Simulation of the service life of the airbag system over the vehicle life cycle using different temperatures and holding times depending on the installation location.

Damp heat K14

Constant climate test based on LV 124 K 14 B and DIN EN IEC 60068-2-78: 2014-02 with severity level 2.

Odour test

Examination of the odour of the airbag component according to the test specification VDA 270: 2018-06, variant B3.

Climate change test

Airbag modules are subjected to a cyclical climate change test, during which they are supplied with a continuous clocked current.

Dry heat storage

The test applies to all airbag modules whose load-bearing components are made of plastic in order to investigate the ageing of the plastic.

Short environmental simulation

For development support within the development of new modules prior to series release.

Loading durability

Durability test to determine the resistance of a steering wheel module to xenon weathering, compressive forces (using a calibrated linear motor) and climatic stress.

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