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Cross cut test

The cross cut test is used to determine the adhesion of single or multi-layer coatings to the substrate.

The test simulates how surface coatings behave in case of damage or shear stress. The test is usually combined with other environmental simulation or corrosion tests. In practice, a cross of 2 x 6, 2 x 11 or 1.5 x 11 mm parallel cuts is made with a cutter knife or cross-cut device down to the substrate of the coating. The subsequent adhesive tape tear-off serves to remove loose coating parts. The test is evaluated visually by comparison with the standard images.

Typical standards:
DIN EN ISO 2409:2013-06: Coating materials - Cross-cut test (ISO 2409:2013)
DIN EN ISO 16276-2:2007-08: Corrosion protection of steel structures by coating systems - Assessment of adhesion/cohesion (bond strength) of a coating and criteria for acceptance - Part 2: Cross-cut and cross-cut tests (ISO 16276-2:2007)
ASTM D3359 - 02 Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test
Honda 7710Z-SCC-9000: 2001-09 Bonding performance
Suzuki SES N 3243:2017-01 Painting quality of plastic parts
JIS K5600-5-6: 1999-05 Testing methods for paints - Part 5: Mechanical property of film - Section 6: Adhesion test (cross-cut test)

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