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Sebastian Trenz
State-certified mechanical engineer
Expert mechanical processing

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Florian Pribul
Industrial Mechanic
Workshop and apparatus engineering

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Sample preparation for metallic tensile tests

Standard tensile tests on sheet metal, pipes, castings and forgings are manufactured according to the relevant standards DIN EN ISO 6892-1, DIN 50125 and LN 29512. For sheet metal and tube samples, strips can be removed with a standard head width (e.g. 30 mm with tension rod H 20 x 80), From which the required tension rods are worked with millings. For the studies on waisted and perforated flat samples, samples are to be produced by milling and drilling. Before milling in the tensile test, the sample blank has to be checked on facile damages such as scratches, dents, or others. The sample blank is milled on a milling machine MAHO 600 P with a simple numerical control. For this purpose the blank is mounted in a chuck matched to the sample size. All processing steps are carried out with a suitable cooling lubricant to protect the sample from heating and to achieve the best possible surface quality (Rz 20 -40).

Sampling of large components

We also take samples from large and bulky damaged pieces. Thereby is, in most cases, only one attempt possible. It is important that the part to be tested is not influenced in any way by the separation process, such as excessive heating of the component.

The hardness of the material plays no role for us. With our high-performance bandsaws, we can cut bearing rings, crankshafts, turbine blades and all other conceivable components with virtually no thermal stress.

The exact sample position can be agreed with the customer.
Usually, pieces are removed for grinding preparations and X-ray fluorescence analysis or existing cracks are broken open to analyze the fracture surface.


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[Translate to English:] Probenentnahme Fräsen
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