Mechanical workshop

The GWP mbH has spent over 35 years with tests and analyzes of components and materials, and the development of processes and testing systems.

In our own manufacturing and assembly departments in Zorneding, Leipzig and in Dillingen Saarland we run workshops for

  • Maintenance, repair and overhauling of our testing machines
  • Sampling and sample manufacturing of metal, plastics, composite materials
  • Production of specific test equipment and apparatus engineering

At the GWP samples can be taken from small samples such as medical stents and airbag igniters up to entire engines and transmission parts from wind turbines of several tonnes of weigth. Therefore the GWP maintains an extensive equipment of most modern processing instruments as well as a network for special services.

The modern equipped workshops include CNC-milling cutters, CNC-lathe, cutting-off machines, precision cutting-off machines, die cutters, horizontal band saws, ...

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