Technical cleanliness

Within the framework of ParticleCheck we also carry out investigations on the technical cleanliness according to VDA 19 especially for functional relevant automotive parts.

For the clean production  depending on the specification certain requirements for residual dirt must be met to protect the cleanliness sensitive systems, amongst others from abrasive particles. To ensure these requirements, the cleanliness area of the parts should be checked regularly. The VDA 19 in combination with the relevant delivery specifications provides procedures and benchmarks, after which the particles depending on the respective component are obtained, analyzed and documented in a suitable form. Important parameters here are: number, size, division into fiber and particles, non-metallic and metallic particles and other abrasives such as Corundum. Determining a statistic is performed by light microscopy and an automatic measurement software. Striking and critical particles can also be identified via SEM-EDX and a material assignment can be made.

Standard: VDA 19