The GWP offers you a particularly efficient complex 3D digitization: Using photogrammetry, objects are captured both in their spatial position and in their three-dimensional form.
Typical applications: Deformation analysis, calculation of coefficient of linear expansion, distance measurement

As a photogrammetry service provider we offer a mobile service. We measure e.g. in your walk-in climatic chamber or after arrangement also in smaller climatic cabinets.

Advantages of close-range photogrammetry:

  • Surveying takes place independently of possible sources of disturbance in the     environment.
  • very economical measuring method due to low costs
  • mobile use through transportable equipment  

Standards: VDI/VDE 2634, BMW PR/TS 226

Deformation analysis

With the deformation analysis, deformations of objects can be exactly determined according to dimension and direction.

Typical applications for deformation analyses are in the automotive industry, for example in temperature cycling tests. Photographic images of the component are taken both before and after the test in the climatic chamber. The photos are evaluated by software and displayed visually.

Coefficient of linear expansion

The coefficient of linear or thermal expansion describes the behaviour of a material in relation to the change in its dimensions when its ambient temperature changes.

This method is used to test the behaviour of components under changing climatic conditions.