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Materials and products inevitably come into contact with microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses during their lifetime.

GWP is your partner for determining the microbial degradability or degradation resistance of your product, developing customized test procedures for evaluating different products and for independent quality control. Whether airborne or soil and waterborne microbes, GWP supports you in quality assurance and the development of new test methods.

An excerpt of our test portfolio:

Testing of air purification devices according to GWP AV384

Mobile air purification devices are of particular importance in the context of pandemic preparedness. The GWP AV384 provides a standardised procedure for testing the effectiveness of these devices. This procedure is technology-independent and allows an evaluation of the efficiency of the device and an assessment of its suitability for the usage scenarios of classrooms, offices, production halls, meeting rooms and many more.

Please also refer to our white papers on the topic of microbial performance.

Have your unit independently tested in the GWP test tent (40 m³)!

Testing the microbial degradability of plastics

The ban on plastic disposables within the EU is intended to stop the pollution of the environment with plastic waste and microplastics. In order to investigate the biological and microbial degradability of various plastics in the environment and during composting, GWP mbH at the Leipzig site is now pleased to offer you laboratory tests under oxygen exclusion (anaerobic) as well as oxygen influx (aerobic) in accordance with the international standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 15985
  • DIN EN 13432
  • ASTM D6691
  • DIN EN ISO 14855-1 & -2

to be able to offer.

Testing the fungal resistance of electrical & electronic assemblies

Fungal attack can lead to premature failure of electrical and electronic assemblies as well as plastics. GWP mbH supports you in testing the fungal resistance of your products. An excerpt of our testing portfolio:

  • DIN EN 60068-2-10
  • BMW GS 95003-5
  • MIL-STD 810G, Change 1 (Method 508.7)
  • RTCA/DO-160G (Section 13)
  • DIN EN ISO 846
  • DIN ISO 9022-11

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