The GWP is running the biggest independent metallography in South-Germany. Metallographic examinations are used in the quality assurance as well as in the damage analytic.  In the classic metallography cuts are placed through the sample, it is embedded in synthetic resin and afterwards the surface is sanded and polished. With special contrast methods (etching) the material structures (textures) become visible and can be observed with the light microscope are the scanning electron microscope (SEM).

The EDX-system connected to the SEM furthermore allows the chemical analysis of near-surface material compositions. The core competence of the accredited metallography lab rests in the examination of different metallic materials, fiber-reinforced plastics as well as electronic components in the quality assurance and damage analytic.

Particularly interesting are our services for the automotive and aviation industry, the medical engineering as well as for the chemistry and energy. Prestigious clients are amongst others BMW, AUDI, MTU, Siemens and the Allianz.