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Material testing

Destructive material testing is in almost every industrial sector a very important part of the quality assurance. For example if it is about the control of heat treatment processes, production procedures, material errors or the determination of physical material properties.

The GWP offers its customers in the sector of destructive material testing a wide range of testing services. In Munich, Leipzig and Dillingen (Saar) modernly equipped accredited labs are available, in which the properties of materials and components can be checked and optimized comprehensively and practically.

Next to the classical material testing we offer as a complete service provider “material technical one-stop-shop“ also testing facilities, which exceed conventional material testing by far.

Experienced chemists, material engineers, metallographers and material testers get involved with your goals!


Unsere mechanisch-technologische Untersuchungen mit Zugprüfung, Biegeprüfung, Druckprüfung und Kerbschlagbiegeprüfung  ist akkreditiert nach DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 !

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