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White Papers

Mechanical analysis

The mechanical properties of plastics are usually investigated by destructive material testing, analogous to those of metals. In our accredited laboratories we can cover a wide range of standard tests and customer-specific special orders.

Standards: DIN EN ISO 178, DIN EN ISO 527, DIN EN ISO 6603, DIN EN ISO 14125, DIN EN ISO 14126, DIN EN ISO 6603, DIN EN 1464, ISO 4578, DIN EN ISO 10365, ASTM D3167, DIN EN 28510, ISO 11339, ASTM D1876, DIN EN ISO 4624, DIN ISO 7619-1:2012-02; DIN EN ISO 868:2003-10, Din EN ISO 2039, ISO 815-1:2016-09, DIN EN ISO 1856:2008-01

Determination of mechanical properties

With our four tensile testing machines we can cover (almost) all common tensile, compression, bending and puncture tests.

To determine the hardness of plastics, we use a number of standardized methods. For hard thermoplastics and thermosets, we use Brinell or Rockwell methods. In addition, the microhardness of these materials can be determined. We use Shore A and D methods for soft thermoplastics and elastomers.

Mechanical testing of bondings

In addition to the mechanical tests of classical plastics, we also carry out adhesive tensile tests, shear tensile tests and various peel tests (e.g. roller peel test, angle peel test, ...) on bonds and multilayer systems as standard. This enables us to determine important parameters such as adhesive tensile strength, adhesive strength and peel resistance of bonds. In addition, we offer a detailed fracture pattern analysis of destroyed adhesive joints in order to track down their exact fracture mechanism.

Determination of the compression set

An important parameter of elastomers is the compression set. This describes the permanent deformation of a test specimen after clamping for a certain time. The compression set can be determined at room temperature, lowered or increased temperature. A compression set of 0 % corresponds to a completely elastic behavior, a value of 100 % corresponds to a completely plastic behavior.

More detailed descriptions of the methods mentioned can be found under Material Testing.

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