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White Papers

Analysis of impurities and damages

Complaints relevant to quality can be versatile and often have a combination of causes. At GWP, we have decades of experience and extensive know-how in investigating everything from minimal contamination to highly complex damage.

Investigation of contaminations

Contaminations can occur in the form of films or particles, on the surface or in the base material. GWP is able to draw on a wide range of special investigation methods for every problem. For example, thin, invisible organic films can be qualitatively detected using test inks and precisely characterized using ToF-SIMS. Inorganic impurities are detected with REM/EDX and evaluated semi-quantitatively.

Examination of particles

In the case of particle impurities, a distinction must be made between two cases with regard to plastics: On the one hand, it can be particulate foreign material in or on plastic substrates. On the other hand, it can be plastic particles on another substrate or in another medium. The GWP Particle Check provides the solution to both problems. We separate and analyze particles and fibers of all kinds.

Analysis of mechanical damage

Damage to plastic components can have many causes. The exact damage mechanism is often difficult to comprehend. With the GWP, for example, we can precisely characterize fracture points with various microscopes in order to determine, among other things, the initial fracture point and the type of fracture. Furthermore, we can use non-destructive testing methods (NDT) such as computer tomography, ultrasonic testing or THz spectroscopy to find defects that can lead to component failure during operation.

Process analysis and consulting

The consideration of the design and manufacturing process must not be neglected in the event of damage. Components often fail under low mechanical or chemical loads because their use was not properly planned in advance. If you want to analyze not only components but also processes, you have come to the right place. Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of plastic components, we are in a position to advise you on the design of components and the proper design of manufacturing processes.

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