Determination of the burning rate

Our laboratories offer you fire examinations according to DIN 4102 B2 and DIN 53438 for the determination of the burning characteristics of building-materials and synthetic materials by edges or surface ignition. The test is carried out with a little burner which applies the surface and edge of a substance test with a 20 mm flame. The Sample is hung on vertically and reference lines affixed. The request is fulfilled if the arisen flame doesn't reach the respective reference lines within 20 seconds. A filter material lying under the test specimen and provides information’s about possible down dripped blazing delays.

Standards: DIN 4102 B2 and DIN 53438

Needle flame test

Testing with the needle flame is used to simulate an ignition source that can occur on creepage distances of parts made of insulating materials on electrotechnical equipment in the event of failure. In particular, the degree of severity, i.e. the exposure time of the flame, is determined.

Standards: DIN EN 60695-11-5, IEC 60695-2-2, EN 60695-2-2, VDE 0471 Part 2-2