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Dr. Thomas Reith
M.Sc. Chemist, Laboratory for energetic materials
Junior Expert Energetic Materials

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Energetic Materials: Short-time dynamic experiments

In the experimental setups of the GWP, short-term dynamic material stresses caused by temperature and pressure shocks can be investigated. Targeted short-term loading of material samples can be used to test and investigate not only the reactions of the material, e.g. in the form of fatigue and damage, but also innovative processes for the functionalization or modification of materials, surfaces and structures on a laboratory scale.

Examples include the investigation of the effects of short-term heat-pressure stress on surface-coated material or process development for the targeted induction of wafer fractures along crystallographically defined directions.

Also, compressive loading and bursting tests on molded parts and housings under both static and short-time dynamic loading can be experimentally investigated in our laboratories. The results of these investigations are of outstanding interest when it comes to the design of pyrotechnic articles or components subject to special stresses.

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