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Dr. Thomas Reith
M.Sc. Chemist, Laboratory for energetic materials
Junior Expert Energetic Materials

+49 8106 9941 10

Laboratory for Energetic Materials

As an independent analytical service provider, GWP examines energetic materials, primarily from applications in safety systems. The investigations serve the qualification of new materials and are of outstanding importance for quality assurance, damage analysis and in the processing of field events.

In addition to methods of material characterization already established in the field of energetic materials, such as NATO STANAG-, AK-LV- and SAE-compliant methods, GWP has the special ability to tailor test methods and investigations to the respective analytical problem. Thus, short-term dynamic burn-up, deflagration and explosion phenomena can be recorded and evaluated with a view to damage mechanisms and their prevention using validated and verified procedures. In addition to the investigation procedures peculiar to energetic materials (e.g. burnup rate determinations, can and internal pressure tests, stability investigations), GWP can draw on a broad portfolio of physical and chemical investigation procedures that offer considerable added value, especially for damage investigations and development support. In GWP's laboratories, investigations of energetic materials at component and propellant levels up to the examination of complete safety devices, even in shoring, are possible.

By combining workshops, material testing, chemical and physical testing facilities, GWP is able to act as a complete analytical provider for questions in the field of energetic materials in a fast and target-oriented manner.

The expert knowledge of GWP is further complemented by cooperations with renowned research institutions in Germany.


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