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battery laboratory
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Max Diedering
Metallographer, Management laboratory-Services
Senior-Expert for Metallography & refractometry

+49 8106 9941 14

Battery cell characterisation

At our premises in Zorneding near Munich, we characterize individual battery cells and smaller modules with regard to safety and quality requirements.

Our services include:

Cell chemistry

  • Chemical analysis of electrolyte and electrodes
  • Element distribution images in SEM+EDX
  • Phase analysis by X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • Characterization of layers and layer structures

Qualification of manufacturing processes and manufacturing quality

  • Non-destructive structural imaging by computed tomography
  • Safe delaboration for further investigation after discharge
  • Verification of electrode structure and contacting in micrographs
  • Metallographic examination of pack and module frames (e.g. welded and soldered joints)
  • Test of mechanical safety devices (e.g. overpressure valves)

Reliability and transport safety

  • Electrical malfunction (overcharge, deep discharge and short circuits
  • Mechanical damage (shock/vibration, crushing, drop test, foreign object penetration)
  • Thermal and climatic testing (altitude simulation, temperature change/shock
  • Provoked thermal events / thermal runaways
  • Electrical performance testing
  • Capacity and cycle stability / lifetime
  • Power / power density
  • Resistances (surface, contact, ...)

Testing of complete e-vehicle systems such as missuse and abuse tests of entire lithium-ion battery systems are offered at our premises in Goslar at the GWP BATTERY TESTING HOUSE.

Charakterisierung von Batteriezellen Akku Handy
Charakterisierung von Batteriezellen Kennlinien
Charakterisierung von Batteriezellen Umweltsimulation
Charakterisierung von Batteriezellen Umweltsimulation CT
Charakterisierung von Batteriezellen Umweltsimulation CT

Society for Materials Testing
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GWP Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH
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General Manager
Dr. Julius Nickl