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Max Diedering
Metallographer, Management laboratory-Services
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Battery laboratory

With increasing e-mobility, the need for testing batteries is also growing. As a full-service provider of materials science, GWP's laboratories are involved in the characterization and testing of batteries and their components. The results are used by our customers in development, quality assurance and damage analysis.

The range of an electric car or eBike depends on its battery. The operating time of a laptop or cell phone depends on its battery. Modern batteries allow much more operation than just a few years ago. But how are such batteries constructed? How safe are they and how do they behave under stress? What are they made of and how can defects in their manufacture be detected?

In the course of the change to e-mobility, the battery is coming under even greater scrutiny with regard to numerous safety aspects. How is it installed and how is it protected against external influences?  Stresses such as corrosion, climate, but also a crash must be taken into account during planning. 

GWP offers comprehensive test methods for characterizing modern battery systems.

CT Batterie
Batterielabor Container Testaufbau
Batterielabor EDX Mapping
Batterielabor Akku Handy
Batterielabor Li-Ionen Zellen
Batterielabor Nageltest
Batterielabor Batterie seitlich crash

Society for Materials Testing
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