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Damage due to Particle Impact

Particles can cause a variety of damages: For example, if they get into other machine elements such as plain bearings or gears. But foreign particles can also cause malfunctions or lead to technical problems during the manufacturing process. In the assessment of damage, the characterisation of the foreign particles is of decisive importance. Thus, the results of a precise analysis of shape, morphology and composition allow conclusions to be drawn about its origin.


Possible Causes of Foreign Particles

  • unclean assembly: dirt can get into the system due to carelessness or insufficient cleaning of the components.
  • Residues, such as metal chips or blasting material still adhering from production or overhaul, can be deposited.
  • Damage to seals: if a seal is overloaded or damaged during installation, it no longer fulfils its function and particles can penetrate
  • Lack of maintenance: excessive inspection intervals, clogged oil filters or spalling.
  • Fatigue: particles are broken out of a component and carried on. The break-outs in turn cause damage to other components.

Our experts recognise the typical damage patterns that can result from foreign particles. In addition, GWP specialises in the recovery and analysis of particles with its ParticleCheck laboratory.

Typical examinations:

  • Damage to tunnel boring machine: clarification of whether the damage can be traced back to a collision with metal parts in the ground.
  • Sliding bearing wear: clarification of the origin of foreign particles in the sliding layer.

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