Max Diedering
Metallographer, Management laboratory-Services
Senior-Expert for Metallography & refractometry

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Simon Löhe
Metallographer, group leader of Laboratory-Services Munich
Expert in failure analysis and metallography
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Robert Mertel
Graduate Engineer Materials Science
Expert metallic materials & failure analysis

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Damage Analysis of Electronic Assemblies

The causes of failures and damage to electronic assemblies are many and varied. So are the methods with which they can be detected and analysed.

Environmental influences, vibrations or manufacturing errors can lead to early failure. Because time and cost pressures also increase the risks of quality problems. In the automotive sector, however, many electronic assemblies are safety-relevant parts: if they are affected by failures, there is a threat of recall actions that entail high costs and loss of image.

We analyse test results from environmental simulations as well as field failures and thus create important insights for your product optimisations.

GWP is your experienced partner in damage analysis.  Using modern examination methods such as µ-CT, scanning electron microscopy and metallography, we get to the bottom of the cause of damage or malfunctions. In our own electronics and environmental simulation laboratory, we simulate stresses in order to localise weak points, carry out functional tests or estimate service lives. We also advise our customers on suitable remedial measures.

Examples of damage analyses on electronic assemblies and components:

  •     Recall: Increased contact resistance on airbag connectors: Faults in Au Galvanisation lead to oxidation of exposed Nickl: Damage to printed circuit boards
  •     Failures of integrated circuits for high beam: Glass formation on contact surface
  •     Increased contact resistance of connectors due to contamination with silicone-containing drawing aids
  •     Defective fuses on irons due to use of primary crystal forming alloy
  •     Burning out of batteries of boat motors and vibration motors of massage chairs
  •     Failures of SMD components, e.g. due to cracking of intermetallic phases in the solder
  •     Short circuits due to whisker formation in lead-free solders or coatings
  •     Cable breaks on control units due to design faults
Stecker für Airbag
Stecker für Airbag
Elektromechanischer Schalter
Elektromechanischer Schalter
Durchstrahlungsaufnahme von gebrochenen Kabel
Durchstrahlungsaufnahme von gebrochenen Kabel
Goldkontakte 500 °C Pb-Verfärbung
Goldkontakte 500 °C Pb-Verfärbung
Riss durch SMD Bauteil
Riss durch SMD Bauteil

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