Max Diedering
Metallographer, Management laboratory-Services
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Simon Löhe
Metallographer, group leader of Laboratory-Services Munich
Expert in failure analysis and metallography
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Robert Mertel
Graduate Engineer Materials Science
Expert metallic materials & failure analysis

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Plastic Damages

Ageing of plastics

The ageing of plastics is an unstoppable process in which irreversible damage gradually takes place in the material. If suitable measures are not taken to delay ageing, or if the stresses are higher than expected, premature failure can be the result.

Exposure to UV radiation, oxygen and moisture as well as heat and changing mechanical stresses damage the internal structure of plastics. Material properties change.  Plasticisers, which are supposed to prevent the material from becoming brittle, or other additives sometimes distribute themselves unevenly in the material or escape from it. Colour changes, violence and fatigue bridging can follow.

We analyse the cause of the ageing processes by means of suitable laboratory tests:
In this way, we can clarify whether the ageing is caused by internal The internal changes result, for example, from irregularities that have occurred during the production of the materials. Insufficient mixing of the components can lead to differences in concentration and to side reactions with disruptive reaction products.

UV light, moisture or aggressive media are typical external influences.
With systematic damage analyses based on our own laboratory tests and environmental simulation tests, our experts investigate damage to your plastic products caused by ageing and embrittlement.

Kunstofftteil Bruch
Kunstofftteil Bruch
REM Aufnahme faserverstärkter Kunststoff gebrochen-
REM Aufnahme faserverstärkter Kunststoff gebrochen-
Geplatzter Schlauch
Geplatzter Schlauch
REM Aufnahme Kunststoff Bruchfläche
REM Aufnahme Kunststoff Bruchfläche

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