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White Papers


Dr. Stefan Loibl
Graduate Chemist
Expert for Analytics and Composites

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Dr. Michael Ziegltrum
Graduate Engineer, Expert-Services
Senior expert for plastics processing

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Plastics engineering

Plastic injection

Injection molding of thermoplastics has revolutionized the production of bulk articles. The fast cycle times, considerable scopes for the design and the achievable precision enable cost-effective production of parts for almost all applications. The quality and capability of the process is highly dependent on the injection molding machine, tools and materials. Only when these three components are coordinated,  the result is convincing.

Welding of plastics

Apart from the traditional methods, such as screwing and snapping, welding is an established method to connect items reliable and permanently to each other. Welding processes are usually differentiated according to the type of heat input. In practical applications, heating element welding, vibration welding and ultrasonic welding are usually used as series welding processes, and laser welding is used for special applications. Combinations of the different types of welding are also increasingly being used to improve weld seam quality.


The development of plastic parts includes all steps from the idea to the finished part. Based on the first design studies, the later requirements in the construction and choice of materials have to be considered. Tool-specific requirements as well as material properties and load profiles have to be considered. Methods such as CAD, FEM, Mold Flow support the development and sometimes save time-consuming tests to check the required product requirements.


Plastic production is the term used for all processes used to process plastics. These can be mechanical processing, forming, primary forming or joining. The injection molding of molded parts, the blow molding of bottles and containers and the extrusion of profiles are used on a large scale for primary forming. Thermoforming of films has gained importance in the forming sector. The joining of plastics covers a very wide range of detachable and non-detachable joining possibilities.  A large number of finishing options for plastic surfaces are also used.

Injection molding tools

The tool for the production of plastic parts is, besides the material, the most important part for an optimal product. In tool design, the quality of parts that can be achieved later is determined by the steels, dimensions and machining processes used.  Important details, such as the design of cooling or the guidance of moving parts in injection molds, are often neglected for cost reasons, which then affect the finished part or the production time and service life.


Analysis is divided into two main application areas. On the one hand, analytical tools are used to design and simulate products and processes during development. The quality of the statements made by our experts is primarily determined by the most realistic possible boundary conditions. On the other hand, the analysis of damage to components makes it possible to develop better products. A great deal of expert knowledge is important when it comes to possible correlations between cause and effect.


The target of every surface treatment is to improve the appearance of the plastic parts and thus the quality of the parts. The possibilities are manifold. From etched or eroded structures in the tool, painting, electroplating or pvd coating.  All processes that apply or diffuse particles onto the surface require a wide variety of pretreatments, depending on the base material. This is where the actual know-how lies in order to create permanent surface finishes.



We are in the best of hands for all management tasks. Whether interim management, plant management, production support or project management, with our know-how we handle all problem cases to your satisfaction or reduce bottlenecks of any kind for you.

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