Airbags are tested and analyzed in the GWP for 25 years: our experts and our laboratory landscape provide reliableassessments and expert reports on emissions, materials, function and damage:

  • We determine gases and dusts with an accredited method - already thousands of times performed in our gas lab. Acoustic tests are also possible.
  • We analyze faults and damage materially and functionally in the analytical lab, in materialography and in the technical lab

For more than 10 product recalls we have clarified the technical root cause syndisciplinary. Worth mentioning , for example, is the commissioning by Scotland Yard on the accident of Lady Diana. A permission of the GWP according to explosives law exists.  

Norm: AKLV, US-Car, SAE-J1794, GWP-AV 122 GasL REV07 Airbag Gasanalyse, GWP-AV 162 GasL REV05 Staubmessung mit Andersen Impaktor