Temperaturschock - Temperaturschockprüfung

Die GWP bietet Ihnen Temperaturschockprüfung bzw. Temperaturschocktest  in ihrem Umweltsimulation Labor als akkreditiertes Prüfverfahren nach DIN 17025 an.

Temperature shock

The temperature shock test consists of a rapid conversion of the samples from a lower test temperature to a higher test temperature and the repetition of this procedure for a defined number of cycles. Temperature shock tests should be performed with all products, which are exposed to rapid temperature changes in their normal use. Additionally they are essential as aging tests for all products, which undergo a high amount of temperature change cycles in their product lifecycle. The temperature shock test is a very effective method to detect latent errors in products. The temperature shock cabinets of the company Vötsch provide highest test quality and measure accuracy in our lab:

  • Testing chamber: 300 l
  • Testing goods: up to 50 kg
  • Temperature heat chamber: +50 to +220 °C Temperature cold chamber: -80 to + 70 °C

Norm: IEC 60068-2-14, MIL 810, MIL 883, DIN EN ISO 2819, DIN EN 60068-2-14