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Sebastian Trenz
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Color measurement

Colorimetry describes the color and gloss effect of a sample by means of objective figures. It is independent of the subjective color impression of the observer.

The color measurements are performed by means of spectrophotometer. This measures the remission values of the visible light from infrared to ultraviolet. Thus color deviations are calculated and deviations are defined. The color measurements are performed under defined UV illumination and measurement geometry.

Color measurements are possible on foils, textiles, metals, painted surfaces and injection molded parts.

  • Determination of the color difference
  • Color search
  • Color strength determination
  • Metamerism
  • Colour measurement on site

Norm: DIN EN ISO 11664-4,  DIN 6174; ISO 7724-3, VDA 280 Teil 1-5, Volvo STD 1026,8201:1994-06


Visual colour evaluation

Just as important as an instrumental colour measurement is the visual assessment of the colour. Subjective colour assessment should always be carried out under standardised lighting conditions and viewing angles.

  • Evaluation of colour fastness on a grey scale

Norm: DIN EN ISO 3668; DIN EN ISO 20105-A02, DIN EN ISO 20105-A03

[Translate to English:] Farbmessung Farbkarte
[Translate to English:] Farbmessung an KFZ Interieur
[Translate to English:] Glanzmessung an Felgenabdeckung
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