Medical engineering


» accredited after DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025» According to check AKZV01ff, SAE J1794, ...

» determine online 16 gases and more FTIR, MS, CLD, NDIR

» dust exposition determine with Andersen-Impactor » noises measure and value

» in the car or test chamber ( example 2,7 m3, 60 l, alpha-cabin)


» quality control, surface analysis, coatings

» rest protection regulations

» functional coatings of catheters

» metallic, organic and inorganic coatings

» grain size determination/ structural analysis Stents

» implementation of targeted surface modifications

Damage cases, material testing

» damage analytic, norm test

» consulting in material research

» damage root cause analysis (break, corrosion or wear)

» testing of mechanical properties and strength

» construction of test benches for specific tests according to corresponding standards

Research and development

» Evaluation of new materials and modifications

» Contract research and product development

» Material sciences fundamentals of medical products

» Analysis and optimization of composite materials

» Testing and optimization of biodegradable materials

» Development of functional coatings

» Feasibility studies