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Max Diedering
Metallographer, Management laboratory-Services
Senior-Expert for Metallography & refractometry

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The international aviation industry is an important economic factor in which is the development of new, lightweight materials of great importance. In addition to meeting the highest safety standards is the efficiency and environmental performance of new materials and drive concepts in the focus of research and development. 

Our versatile team is your strategic partner, when it comes to material selection and qualification of new materials! As a longtime partner of the industry (eg MTU Munich) we offer laboratory services demanding investigations in the series Monitoring and in the development. Our range of services also includes fault, damage and surface analysis. In addition to metallographic tests at your site we provide you with material analyzes and tests on turbine blades and other engine components. Another field of activity is the evaluation of HCF and LCF-samples in the scanning electron microscope. By elemental mapping intermetallic inclusions in titanium or nickel alloys can be localized and documented.

Take advantage of our metallography, microscopy and our chemistry lab for your quality assurance and accompanying development studies! Our material expertise based on over 30 years of experience in damage analysis and development of metallic materials and components. As an independent institute we work strictly confidential and flexible. We put emphasis on fast high quality results. Our objective is your benefit! 

Aluminum cast and wrought alloys

  • Strength and microstructure
  • Claims
  • Surface protection: physical and chemical analysis
  • Include: structural analysis of welded joints
  • Advice for metallurgy and casting

Magnesium Casting Alloys

  • Casting defects and their cause
  • Corrosion: Root Cause Analysis
  • Surface protection: physical and chemical analysis
  • Include: structural analysis of welded joint
  • Stresses of decorative layers

Titanium Ti-Al alloys

  • Turbine blade: Metallography for quality assurance
  • Fracture Include: phase analysis after welding and hardness profile at the joint
  • Powder Metallurgy: accompanying studies

Reinforced metal fiber & particulate reinforcement

  • Engine and transmission components
  • Integration of the fiber / particle in the matrix
  • Process development: accompanying studies

Society for Materials Testing
Ensuring quality | Accompanying development | Analyzing damage | Passing on knowledge

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