Material testing

» Bending, draft, pressure, roughness, hardness

» Electrical properties

» Tribology and surfaces

» Optical properties

» Reaction to fire

» Viscosity determination

» Thermal conductivity


» Differential scanning calorimetry

» Thermogravimetric analysis

» Gel and setting time

» Thermostability

» Spectroscopy: FTIR, ToF-SIMS, RFA

» Chromatography: GPC/SEC, GC-MS, HPLC

» Thermo mechanics

Damage analysis

» Determination of the mode of failure with macro and micro morphological characteristics 

» Reconstruction of the failure process

» Approaches for prevention

» NDT and tomography

» Damage specific combinational methods of inspection from our portfolio


» Support in choice of material

» Evaluation and optimization of manufacturing methods

» Semi-finished & molded part examination

» Development of specific test and analysis methods

» Literature and patent research

Tool engineering

» Supportive metallography for the plastics processing industry

» Quality assurance of metallic components

» Examination and evaluation of:   

   » Surface finishing   

   » Hardening depths   

   » Corrosion damage