Development, choice

» Catalysts and processes

» Research and development of new catalysts

» Process and catalyst optimization

» Consulting in choice and application of appropriate catalysts

» In-house consulting and support

» Market surveys and subject research

» Feasability study


» Heterogeneous catalysis

» Total oxidation, selective and partial oxidation

» Hydrogenation and oxidative dehydrogenation

» Synthesis gas» Steam reforming

» Gas purification

» High-throughput-technology


» Charakterization

» Catalytic activity, selectivity and deactivation

» Active center and surfaces

» Morphology and element distribution

» Phase transition

» Reduction and oxidation behavior


» Selected analytical methods

» Micro reactor and combinatorics with high-throughput-test plant (GC, MS, FTIR)

» TPD, TPR, TPO and metal dispersion

» Pore volume and BET

» REM with EDX


Damage analysis

» Causes and evaluations

» Determination of the cause of damage and evaluation

» Transformation of the catalyst structure

» Poisoning

» Deactivation

» Regeneration