Electrical dimensions

» Electrical characterization of cells and packs

» Long-term tests for the determination of service life and cicle stability

» Determination of the capacity

» Documentation of charging and discharging processes, e.g. CC-CV

» Behavior with different discharge currents

» Resistance measurement

» e.g. for NiCd, NiMH, Li-ions, LiPH, supercaps, lead batteries, fuel cells

Mechanical composition

» Composition and inner structure of cells and cell-packs

» Nondestructive X-ray tomography (CT) of the interior cell

» Delaboration of battery-packs and batteries

» Measurement of burst pressures of relief valves, cases

» Estimation of the maximum interior pressure by correlation with the distortion of the hull

» Identification of wraping errors on the basis of grinding patterns

» Coat thickness measuring


» Chemical analyses of the battery components

» Element analysis and element distribution by RFA, REM/EDX

» Phase analysis via X-ray diffractometry (XRD)

» Active material: composition, particle sizes, lamination strengths

» Characterization of layers (Cu, Al, CFx)

» Identification and quantification of electrolyte and solvents

» Emissions: gases and dusts


» Destruction boundaries of batteries and packs

» High temperature test up to 350 °C

» Short-circuit withstand, over-, undercharge and total discharge

» Execution of fall and hit tests

» Behavior by crushing and intrusion of foreign objects (nails)

» Survey of relief valves


» Damage analysis and development attendance

» Realization of complex experimental arrangements

» Programming of individual charging or discharging curves in Lab-View

» Re-creation of failure modes (fire, accident, breakdown)

» Literature research, market survey

» Creation of carrying capable expertises