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White Papers


Alexander de Marné
Graduate Physicist
Specialist analytics & QM representative

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Jannes Mechler
M. Sc. Materials Science
Specialist metallic materials

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Technische Mitteilung


Cell chemistry

  • chemical analysis of electrolytes and electrodes
  • element distribution mappings with SEM + EDX
  • x-ray diffraction (XRD) for phase analysis
  • characterisation of layers and structures

Qualification of production processes and production quality

  • non-destructive structural representation by computed tomography
  • safe disassembly for further examination after discharging
  • inspection of  electrode installation and contacting in materialographic images
  • metallographic examination of pack- or module frames (e.g. welding or soldering joints) and more
  • testing on mechanical safety devices (e.g. pressure relief valves)

Reliability and transport safety

Validation of protection with:

  • electrical abuse tests (overcharge, overdischarge und short circuits)
  • mechanical abuse tests (shock/vibration, crushing, drop test, penetration)
  • thermal and climatic tests (altitude simulation, thermal cycling/shocks)
  • provoked thermal runaways

Electrical tests

  • capacity and lifetime/cycle stability
  • cower / power density
  • electrical resistance (surface, contacting, …)

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