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White Papers

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Dr. Julius Nickl

Graduate Chemist, General Manager
Senior-Expert for industrial processes and products

Dr. Stefan Loibl

Graduate Chemist 
Expert for Analytics and Composites

Max Diedering

Metallographer, Management laboratory-Services 
Senior-Expert for Metallography & refractometry

Birgit Schinzel

Office administrator, Secretary
Office management, Personal and Academy

Sylvia Lietzke

Graduate Economist

Team Munich

Simon Löhe

Metallographer, group leader of  Laboratory-Services Munich 
Expert for steel- and ironmaterials

Dr.-Ing. Michael Ziegltrum

Graduate Chemist, Expert-Services 
Senior-Expert for plastic processing

Dennis Neher

Materials tester
Specialist metal materials

Florian Kronpass

Head of industrial computed tomography
Specialist materialography and CT

Alexander de Marné

QM-representative & Elektronics-Laboratory 
Specialist for instrumential analytics & IT

Gabriela Bonetti

Chemical laboratory assistant
Specialist chemical laboratory

Florian Pribul

Laboratory Services-Munich
Workshop and apparatus engineering

Dr. Thomas Reith

M. Sc. Chemist
Laboratory for energetic materials

Jannes Mechler

M. Sc. materials sciences
Laboratory-Services Munich
Specialist in metallic materials

Ervin Hujic

Labor-Services Munich
Specialist for energetic materials (cv)

Kerstin Vossler

Surface coater
Laboratory-Services Munich
Technical Assistant

Sabine Jäger

Office Clerk
Labor-Services München
Team assistant

Team Saarland

Kristina Trenz

Management of Laboratory-Services Dillingen

Julia Monz

Material tester, Laboratory-Services Dillingen
Material testing

+49 8106 9941 56


Sebastian Trenz

Mechanical technician
Expert mech. processing

Society for Materials Testing
Ensuring quality | Accompanying development | Analyzing damage | Passing on knowledge

GWP Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH
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Handelsregister München
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General Manager
Dr. Julius Nickl