In over 30 years and over 15,000 projects with 2,000 customers a partner network developed, an abridgement is following:

Through our close cooperation with Allianz Zentrum für Technik AZT - a leading specialist in damage analysis and prevention - we can offer you cumulative expertise in damage analysis!

80th Anniversary of AZT: Dr. Johannes Stoiber and Dr. Julius Nickl talked about the history of close cooperation.

Provenion transfers your ideas to prototypes: Mechanics, fluidics, electronics and software are combined by engineers to unique and sometimes surprising solutions.

With LECO we got a a strong partner in Materialography. This leaves room for cooperation and training projects around the topic materialography. Hereby We are supported by LECO with the latest equipment and high-quality consumables.

C&CS catalysts and chemical specialities - a division of GWP
Catalysis is the most important industrial process. C&CS delivers selected catalysts and adsorbents of the most important European manufacturers to hundreds of customers. If you are concerned with reforming, endogas, inert gases, purification, PSA, bleaching clays, active carbon, hydrogen, …, then C&CS is your expert partner with experience of 1,000 projects and 20 years. C&CS is authorized dealer of CLARIANT.

There is a close relationship together with the experts of analytics of Siemens Corporate Research and Technologies providing high-end methods like ToF-SIMS for surface analysis, GC-MS for chemical analysis, FIB and analytical TEM for electron microscopy or µXRD for X-ray analysis

The German Society for Catalysis GECATS serves as a platform for the German catalysis community concerning research and development.

Key to Metals AG & Total Materia Key to Metals AG is the developer of Total Materia, the world’s most comprehensive materials database, and has provided the engineering community with its invaluable resource for nearly two decades.

The standard Total Materia data set for over 450,000 metallic and non-metallic materials provides, chemical compositions, mechanical and physical properties, heat treatment diagrams,properties at elevated temperatures, corrosion data and welding information for international materials.

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