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Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH

We are a complete supplier for materials technology! For the manufacturing industry we supply reliable laboratory reports for quality assurance of processes and products. And for people looking for new processes or products, we develop material science innovations. Our experts conduct damage analysis up to and including recall support. Important facts about us:

  • over 40 years of experience
  • over 3.000 customers
  • Expert knowledge from over 20,000 orders

Our mission - excellent materials technology

We test materials, components and products, develop processing procedures and clarify complex damages - in high quality, with grown know-how and extremely adaptable to the customer. We serve the metal and plastics processing industry in all phases of the product life cycle.

Our vision - complete provider of materials technology

In 2027 we will celebrate 50 years of GWP and then our precisely tailored services will bring great benefits to the manufacturing industry in many sectors - internationally. The strategy of "hybrid service bundles" of laboratories, experts & workshops serves all phases of the product life cycle with quality assurance, material science innovations and damage analysis.

Our values - BeReLeXt

Our values are enthusiasm, respect & trust, life-long learning and excellence, in short BeReLeXt®.

Business model - hybrid service bundles

The increasingly complex products of this successful industry require a bouquet of skills and capacities. Budgets are available for this at short notice and our business model offers high, sometimes unique customer benefits through scalable and networked competencies. If we do not have a competence "on board", we build it up! Our growth has created such a large landscape of laboratories and expertise that we can serve almost any company. Take a look at the organization chart, it was created from customer requests and employee initiatives! And we expect more products and expertise from our employees. This business model results in a larger company than the sum of all competences and serves the complex knowledge society.


Spirit of GWP

Dear interested parties & customers,
we were allowed to discuss your material-technical problem with you in detail and you have ordered our detailed offer, we will sincerely take care of your benefit with all our knowledge and skills. Our recipe for success is as simple as this - this "spirit" was "breathed" into GWP by my father 40 years ago. Enthusiastic customers simply give us great pleasure!

You as a customer and materials technology user satisfy our hunger for demanding and exciting orders. We regard your enquiry as a leap of faith and we will present you with a transparent offer that already contains our know-how from decades of applied materials science - free of charge! Our claim is to process your order in "handcrafted" high quality and you make us shine when we additionally inspire you with our often unique recommendations in the reports and expertises. For this to work, mutual openness and above all your trust is necessary. But how do you gain your trust? We know: through cooperation and your success through - initially smaller - orders. In the past decades we have already entered into such win-win partnerships a thousand times.

How does that work in GWP? Every GWP'ler is a specialist or expert with excellent knowledge, experiments skilfully, is happy to cooperate with you and neighbouring disciplines and always shows drive. We share our experience and knowledge with each other and our unique databases and archives help us to do so. As an independent, owner-managed institute, we offer absolute confidentiality, speed and quality. We are proud of our accredited laboratories and workshops in the fields of metallography, microscopy, chemistry, catalysis, electronics and mechanics; as a customer, you can take this for granted.

GWP has a long-term horizon - our mission statement is "German oak". We value long-standing employees and we achieve this through intensive training, varied, independent tasks and respectful interaction. You as a customer feel this sustainability and often remain loyal for decades.

Here's to good cooperation!

Your Dr. sc. nat. Julius Nickl

Society for Materials Testing
Ensuring quality | Accompanying development | Analyzing damage | Passing on knowledge

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