Use our unique material laboratories and our expert knowledge for your success! The metal and plastics processing industry uses our labs to create reliable material & component data and protects ...

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General view Branches: Automotive, Airbag, Plastics, Catalysis, Batteries, Building industry, Chemistry, Electrotechnology, Mechanical engineering, Aviation, Medical engineering ...

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We are a full-range materials technology supplier for the manufacturing industry. 3,000 metal and plastics processing customers use our laboratories and workshops to ensure the quality of products and processes. And our experts develop innovations and analyze damage at a high level. Our expertise has grown over 40 years with 20,000 reports and covers the most important specialist areas of metals, plastics, composites, inorganics and explosives.

Accreditation to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 ensures robust reports. Our methods include computer tomography, metallography, hardness testing, LIM, SEM, spark-OES, EDX, DSC, TGA, FTIR, tensile testing, bending testing, notched bar impact testing, xenon chamber, temperature shock, salt spray chamber, stone impact testing, scratch resistance, colour fastness testing, gas analysis, catalysis, NDT, explosives laboratory, electronics, prototype construction, sample production, gas & dust emissions, ParticleCheck, pilot plant and some more.


The GWP - Company for Materials Testing mbH - in Zorneding is an owner-managed specialty service providers in metals, plastics and ceramics: we analyze damages accompany ...

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GWP (Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH) is accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in the areas of: material technology, chemical analysis, in the static testing areas (hardness measurement) ...

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Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH
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GWP Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH
Georg-Wimmer-Ring 25
D-85604 Zorneding/München

Tel. +49 8106 994110
Fax +49 8106 994111

Handelsregister München
HRB 53245
USt.-IdNr. 131 179 893

Dr. Julius Nickl
Max Diedering