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µ-computer tomography

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Medication in coatings

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Filter technology

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Diesel injector nozzles


Tests and


Failure analysis and


Use our unique material laboratories and our expert knowledge for your success! The metal and plastics processing industry uses our labs to create reliable material & component data and protects ...

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General view Branches: Automotive, Airbag, Plastics, Catalysis, Batteries, Building industry, Chemistry, Electrotechnology, Mechanical engineering, Aviation, Medical engineering ...

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Use our unique material laboratories and our expert knowledge for your success! The metal and plastics processing industry uses our labs to create reliable material & component data and protects their product quality by this. The GWP analyses components of all materials as well as their surfaces in a unique workflow with analytical lab, mechanical workshops, metallography, material testing, environment simulation, microscopy, chemistry, electronic lac, catalysis lab and a technicum at the locations Munich, Leipzig and Dillingen.

The accreditation according to DIN ISO EN17025 provides reliable documents. Next to the standard examinations in our modernly equipped labs (XRD, SEM, EDX, GDOES, RFA, DSC, TGA, xenon chamber, climate chambers, salt spray chamber, tensile testing, …), we own over 100 GWP self-elaborated examination methods. In the GWP academy we impart knowledge in symposia, seminars, in the Technology Center for Materialography (TZM) and in technical colloquia.


Analytical lab

The accredited analytical lab of GWP covers different test and analysis methods (amongst others REM, EDX, RFA, GDOES, XRD ...


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Material testing

Destructive material testing is in almost every industrial sector a very important part of the quality assurance. For example if ...


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The GWP is running the biggest independent metallo­graphy in South-Germany. Metallo­graphic examinations are used ...


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Macroscopic and microscopic examination methods represent an important part of the quality assurance and damage analysis ...


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Environmental simulation

Customized environmental simulation tests – the GWP is your partner for questions regarding climatic, corrosive and mechanic ...


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Airbag laboratory

Airbag emissions, Airbag gas analysis,  Airbag dust analysis, Airbag performance of propellants, Airbag materialography on gas ...


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NDT - nondestructive material testing. X-ray testing, Dye penetrant testing, Magnetic powder crack test, Eddy current test ...


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Physical properties

The physical properties of materials are manifold and diversified. They range from thermal and optical properties ...


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Fire test

The labs of GWP offer testing services for the measurement of the fire resistance of samples and components  ...


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Mechanical workshop

The GWP mbH has spent over 35 years with tests and analyzes of components and materials, and the development of ...


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Particle check

The characterization of particles is for a variety of industries of great interest. We isolate, detect and identify particles of ...


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Plastics laboratory

The GWP Plastics laboratory tests and analyses all types of plastics - whether simple films, complex fibre-reinforced ...


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The GWP - Company for Materials Testing mbH - in Zorneding is an owner-managed specialty service providers in metals, plastics and ceramics: we analyze damages accompany ...

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GWP (Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH) is accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in the areas of: material technology, chemical analysis, in the static testing areas (hardness measurement) ...

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